It’s not always practical to take all your belongings with you when you move. But our custom-built storage facilities will store anything you need to leave behind.

Our secure storage facilities means we can store a wide range of goods for you. Our storage units can safely keep large bulky items such as motorcycles, or delicate valuables like antiques.

You can store your belongings long term or short term. And because our storage services are managed in-house (whether you’re in one of our warehouses or not), we can integrate your storage services into the rest of your move. So, you’ll have just one point of contact for all your moving services.

Storage security...

Rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us. Our secure storage warehouses were designed to protect goods from rot, mildew, damp, and rodent infestations. Our storage units are covered by 24 hour CCTV and are connected to an emergency fire system.

Depending on your location, your belongings will be kept in one of our storage facilities – in NY, NJ, FL, TX, LV, CA, OH, – or a secure storage facility owned by one of our partners worldwide.

We have FAIM accreditation, which means our home storage facilities have been audited, and meet the highest quality standards. And we make sure our partners’ storage security facilities are of a similar standard to our own. Storage collection and delivery services.

Our storage collection and delivery service makes storing your belongings with us easy. When our team come to your home for packing and removal, we will take the belongings you’re not moving back to our warehouse for storage. When you need your belongings returned to you, we’ll deliver them to your home. Your belongings will even be covered by our transit cover policy while they’re in our storage units. Whatever your home storage needs, our professional service gives you peace of mind.


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